Jan 8, 2008

Kenner's Daddy Saddle 1965

I love this. It's so goofy and still brilliant. Make a foam saddle, wrap it in vinyl and strap it to dad. Yehaa! I wonder what the box art looked like? It conjures up the scene in Adulthood where Steve Martin is in the kiddie cowboy hat & chaps galloping around the yard.

If it had done well, would there have been accessory sets? A foam horse head & spurs? [ouch!] Dressage maybe? The Daddy Round-up Set with lasso & electric branding iron (batteries not included). The Buffalo Bill Set comes with with rifle & buffalo head for mom or your siblings. Maybe a rodeo set with a cinch & a glove. "C'mon Timmy, dad's sucking wind. Hang on for four more seconds and you've got a new record!"

Sorry. Couldn't resist horsin' around.

If the daddy saddle sounds like fun, there are modern day alternatives like:

The Daddle (Remember, I don't name 'em, I just have fun with 'em)

The Daddy-O Rodeo T Shirt & finally

The Po-knee - Created by a stay at home dad, I heard this one won Oprah's 1st Million Dollar Idea Challenge.

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