Jan 14, 2008

The Fat Cat by Remco 1960's

I can't find any real information about this truck but here's what I can tell you. The 'CAT' stands for "Climb Action Traction". This was Remco's buzz phrase for a motor they devised which climbed over just about anything at a snails pace. The same gear ratio was miniaturized and used in their Mighty Mike Jeep & Truck series.

Fat Cat is a big hunk of plastic I would guess about 2 feet long. If you add the big orange plastic winch in the front, it's longer than 3 feet. Finding a Fat Cat with the orange extension in the front and a working winch is no easy task, but when it's all there, it sure is an impressive looking piece of plastic machinery.

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Mr.r.e. said...

I had a fat cat when I was about 7, that was 1965. it was my favorite truck till someone stole it. The truck itself was about 1&1/2 feet long and the boom about an other foot. As I recall it was all wheel drive and would climb the walls !!! Ironically much later in life I drove tanker trucks simaler the the fatcat speading manure on farmers fields. I see one in pieces on ebay right now with a starting bid of $44.00- wish I still had mine.