Jan 7, 2008

Charles Addams

He was one of a popular group of cartoonists that submitted to the New Yorker. His one panel cartoons were often silent & off the wall. Over time, some of his characters took on a life of their own and became a strange troupe with a love of the macabre. While less than a hundred of his gags included this 'Family', they became the core of his most popular gags and eventually became The Addams Family we all know and love.

The 60's TV show spawned a wealth of boomer toys including the Addams Family game, hand puppets, a model kit of their house and what 60's kid didn't want the Uncle Fester's Mystery Light Bulb or Thing bank?

Learn more about Chas Addams at his preservation site.

The awesome illustrations of Gomez & Morticia are from artist Aly Fell. Go see more of her work.

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