Jan 15, 2008

Imposters Aurora 1973

The VW Bug. The Pinto. The Willy's Gasser.

That's it.

That's the whole line.

I'm sure there were plans for more cars because Aurora went to the trouble of making commercials and the ad you see above [without certain embellishments] was in dozens of comics. The early 70's were a tough time for Aurora and they were eventually bought out. Maybe the Imposters were just a victim of the times.

If there is a fault with the idea, it's the size of the cars. I don't know of too many cars in that size at the time and scale seems to matter to a lot of kids. If they had been able to get the technology to work with a 1/64th size car [Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc.] the Imposters may have worked a little better.

If you'd like to see the cars transform, there's a commercial at YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Actually there were four: Volkswagen Beetle, AMC Gremlin, Ford Pinto, and a Willys coupe.