Jul 13, 2007

Safety Card Friday #1 Wilma & Pebbles

What did your teachers hang on the wall in elementary school? Did you have charts with gold stars? Did your teacher hang students art work around the classroom? If Hanna Barbera safety cards had been in any of my classes, I would have remembered them.

I remember lame generic safety cards and I seem to remember a Jiminy Cricket set, but imagine having a set of cool Hanna Barbera cards in your classroom in 1965. It would have elevated the reputation of any teacher who used them.

There's 36 cards in the set I have and most of them have strange color choices like this one does. [I had skin that color one summer when I tried using that indoor tanning goop] . I'll put one up each Friday for a while to remind you that safety should be your number one priority on the weekends. Remember, first the Toro, then the six pack. Please don't drink and mow.

Oh, and Wilma honey? I love you like a sister, but Pebbles is still too young to be going anywhere by herself.

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