Jun 30, 2007

America Sings Art

America Sings or Carousel of Progress? It was a tough call. I liked America Sings, but I missed the corny "Carousel." I especially missed Walt's "Progress City" the model you saw after the show. I've seen the parts of the model on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority but it's not the same as the full presentation that came with the model when it was at Disneyland.

Now, I have neither ride. Carousel is on the other coast at WDW and America Sings has been closed since 1988. Some of the characters in the sketches above now populate Splash Mountain. The moving building that was once Carousel of Progress and America Sings now houses an uninspired electronic abomination sponsored with dirty money from insipid corporate sponsors that wouldn't know a good concept if it unzipped their... I'm sorry, I must have lost track of what I was saying. Where were we?

In honor of America Sings 33rd birthday [yesterday], I thought you might enjoy a few of Marc Davis's original sketches for the ride. These concept sketches were used for the 11 page booklet attached to the America Sings album.


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